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Why Nepal?

All outsourcing is not the same. At Azrach, we stand for quality and integrity. The talent we work with in Nepal outperforms others on the global stage. As a trusted offshore partner, we can bring the best to your team.

There are several reasons why companies choose to outsource their IT services to Nepal:


Nepal offers cost-effective IT services with significantly lower labor costs compared to many other countries

English proficiency

Our Azrach Team Members have a 95% English literacy rate and a 100% proficiency in written and verbal English

Government Support

The Nepali government is actively promoting the IT sector and has implemented policies to support the growth of the industry, such as tax exemptions and other incentives. Investment in advanced tech skillsets like Software, AI And Cybersecurity

Skilled workforce

Nepal has a large pool of skilled and qualified IT professionals who are trained in the latest technologies and tools.

Time Zone

Nepal is in a favorable time zone for companies in Europe and the United States, allowing for easier communication and collaboration

Ready to go pass your Competition?

Lean on a trusted offshore partner for your software project.

Overall, outsourcing IT services to Nepal can provide cost-effective and high-quality solutions for companies that are looking to reduce costs, access skilled talent, and improve their overall IT capabilities.

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