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Enter the market fast with outsourced software development services.

With Azrach IT get your next software product to the market quickly and efficiently. Outsourced development teams provide faster development timelines, great cost savings and faster turnaround than working with an in-house development team.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development refers to the practice of outsourcing software development services to a company located in a different country or region than where the client is located. The client company hires a third-party software development company to develop software products or services that meet their business requirements, and the development work is carried out in a location that is geographically remote from the client’s headquarters or operations.

Why Businesses are Choosing Offshore Software Development Services?

Businesses are choosing offshore software development services for several reasons, including:

Maximised Budget

Our ability to develop our own software in-house and serve more than 20 clients distinguishes us from other companies.

Access to specialized Talent Pool

We bring your software visions to life by leveraging emerging technologies

Quick and Easy Ramp Up

Attain quicker time-to-market to surpass competitors by implementing continuous delivery cycles.

Focus on core business activities

Offshore software development services allow companies to focus on their core business activities, while leaving development work to experts who can handle the technical aspects of software development.

Improved risk management

It can help companies mitigate risks associated with technology, security, and compliance by leveraging the expertise of a third-party service provider who can handle these areas more effectively

Here are some current statistics about outsourcing

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Outsource to focus on their core business activities
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Years Of Experience

Overall, outsourcing continues to be a growing trend in the global economy, with many companies leveraging the benefits of outsourcing to reduce costs, access specialized skills, and focus on their core business activities. However, outsourcing also presents its own unique challenges that must be carefully managed in order to maximize its benefits.

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